EvoglioAssess is an online assessment framework that puts candidates through a fully fledged realistic business simulation process which runs in real time and is successfully used as a key part of the assessment process for individuals of all levels at a number of blue chip and multi-national companies.

The simulations are designed to deliver a wide range of credible commercial, financial and organisational challenges in a online environment using familiar Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint as well as including email, calendar events, video and rolling news items. These have been designed in conjunction with a leading firm of organisational psychologists.
How it Works

The platform can either fully replace or integrate closely with traditional assessment centres and is used to assess and develop individuals from entry through board level within an organisation.

A typical simulation will involve a candidate taking the role of a member of a fictional organisation. Before the simulation starts, the candidate will be provided with online background information relevant to both the fictional company and the situation that they will be experiencing.

Depending on the depth of the simulation, video or face-to-face role plays with live assessors may be included as part of the process.

For higher volume assessment centres simualtions can be marked automatically against either a series of expected behaviours or against our universal competency framework and/or custom client competency frameworks.

Usability  &  Integration
  • Securely delivered online -no application or download required
  • Based on Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) or LibreOffice for productivity and familiarity
  • Simulations easily scripted and tailored to individual client requirements either by us or by you the client
  • Complex branching simulation paths are based on the decisions a candidate makes during the process
  • Data is automatically stored to our common database to be integrated with other data from ability tests, psychometrics, 360 feedback, etc
  • Data is analysed via our world class integrated predictive analytics platform
  • Designed to be used either standalone or as part of traditional assessment process


Interactivity  &  Games

Simulations can involve complex business games that can either be deisgned so that the participant is competing against either the simulation itself or otherparticipants. Games can be configured to promote competitive and/or collaborative behaviour between individuals and teams of players.

Simulations can have a number of interactive sessions including one-to-one video calls for interviews as well as full collaborative sessions involving multiple particpants, whiteboards, presentations and group chat either via text or multi-way video.