Our Approach

Our Evoglio platform can be fully tailored to your needs and is widely used in a number of blue chip organisations.
It consists of a complete data driven online framework that supports the assessment and development of people at all levels of your organisation along with a comprehensive predictive analytics and reporting platform to support your decisions.
Evoglio Assessment

The EvoglioAssess platform puts candidates through a fully fledged online realistic business simulation process including collaborative situations such as games, webinars and video based group interaction.

The simulations are designed to deliver a wide range of credible commercial, financial and organisational challenges using standard Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint and have been designed in conjunction with a leading firm of organisational psychologists.

We recognise that people at different levels of organisations need to be assessed and developed in different ways and we provide a number of state of the art tools for the job.

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Leadership Development

A major challenge faced by any organisation is the development of its leaders.

At Evoglio, we understand that for organisations to be successful in today's dynamic environment their leaders need to be supported in their development. We have developed our Leadership Development solution to address this need.

The solution addresses two key areas, the management of development programmes and a portfolio for each individual in the programme that provides capabilities for reflective learning and social group collaboration. This enables leaders to build their own learning log, store development insights, manage their development plans and share their experiences with mentors and peers.

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Centre Administration

The management of any assessment and development process can be complex and time consuming.

To reduce this complexity and ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible we have created a set of tools that provide automated marking frames, centre scheduling, management of surveys and 360 feedback.

It also provides realtime messaging with live users taking part in simulations to enable them participate in video role plays and collaborative events.

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To assess people effectively you need the right tools for the job.

The EvoglioAssessment platform is extrememly flexible and can include games and challenges as part of a simulation. In addition to these, for those participants at an earlier stage of their career we have produced EvoglioChallenge which uses games to measure a series of expected behaviours on an automated basis.

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Data Analytics

The key to objective assessment in the new world is data integration and analytics.

Our solution is built around an integrated data platform that covers all of our services including scorecards, 360 feedback and group exercises and games as well as data gathered through the assessment itself along with results from automated marking.

This data is presented via a web-based front end allowing in-depth reporting, comparison and predictive analytics

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What We Do


Assessment, Simulation, Analytics

Evoglio provides services around simulation and predictive analytics based on its proven EvoglioAssess platform. In addition, we provide specialist consultancy services to blue chip and multi-national clients.


Our principals are highly experienced consultants having worked in and with a broad range of blue chip companies. Their backgrounds are in Financial Services, IT, Organisational Psychology and Data Analytics working on complex problems at a senior level.

Areas of expertise include Programme Management, Project Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Simulation Design, Software Development, System Implementation, Database Design, and Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning

Assessment Solutions
Our experience in simulation, predictive analytics and software design across multiple industries has put us in the unique position of being able to create the EvoglioAssess platform for the assessment and development of individuals at all levels. The platform comprises both business and game based simulations, predictive analytics, dashboards and reporting  and full-lifecycle management of the process.

At Evoglio, we understand data and its value. We have been working for over 20 years in the data analytics space building solutions to gather, manipulate and visualise data for a wide range of clients.

We have the experience and skills to help you make the most of your data, working with you closely at all stages of the process.

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